Children's Church and Creche

Children are an important part of God's family and we warmly welcome all parents/carers and their children to church! On Sunday mornings we offer children their own programme of activities to help them on their faith journey. We want them to feel welcome and at home during this time of praise and thanksgiving so we would love them to stay in church with their family for the first 10 minutes or so, before heading out for their own special time with our creche and children's workers, all of whom are DBS checked. They will be kept busy with crafts, Bible stories, songs and games. Do help yourself to a Praise Bucket on your way in to church to keep your child involved in the early part of the service. Just remember to return it after the service so we can refill it!


Pentecost - The Birthday of the Church

All the disciples and friends of Jesus were gathered in a big room to hear the story of when Jesus returned toHeaven. They were discussing the things Jesus had told them while He was with them, and praying together, when another strange and wonderful event occurred. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, came the sound of a mighty rushing wind. And that isn't all ... They saw something that looked like flames of fire resting just above everyone's head! And that still isn't all ... They were all filled with the Holy Spirit, and they all began to speak in different languages which they had never learned! They felt so bold that they were able to travel to many places to tell everyone they met about Jesus. So, you see, Pentecost really is the birthday of the Church!


Follow this link for an animation of the story of Pentecost:

We think Waymaker is the perfect song to celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit. You can learn some actions to accompany this song here:

What does the Holy Spirit do?


An experiment to show how the Holy Spirit can be part of our lives:




Finally, if you'd like to do some fun craft activities related to Pentecost, check out these ideas: