Church Community Garden

The idea of the Community garden was the prophetic vision of former church members, Steve and Chrissie Chant. Their idea was to create a garden for all who were interested and inspired to grow what they wished in a series of individual plots. A grant was provided by the church to enable the purchase of wood to build several beds - some raised for ease of access by the elderly and the young. By doing so, it was particularly hoped to inspire in youngsters an appreciation of the joy of growing and nurturing plants.

Apart from vegetables, many beautiful plants bring a splash of colour and a sweet smelling fragrance for those who wish to take time out during the day, to sit quietly and enjoy the peaceful, surroundings. Since the establishment of this important addition to our environment and outreach, Messy Church has grown vegetables, flowers and succulent strawberries much to the delight of everyone. In so doing, many have learnt to appreciate God's wonderful creation first hand.

The garden has brought together people from both the church family and the wider community and is, additionally, an ideal venue for picnics where helpers and other interested parties are able to enjoy - literally - the fruits of their labours. If anyone would like to join our happy gardening "gang", please contact Christine Newman 07769993408.