Drama Group

The Drama Group’s main role is to assist in enhancing the Sunday message especially when the occasion is an extra special one such as Christmas and Easter Services, also Remembrance Sunday/Mothering Sunday/ Dedications/Baptisms for example.

More often the ‘drama’ will be in the form of a Monologue, a Poem, a Prayer, Bible Reading or a piece of Improvisation and often a combination of these formats.

Meetings to discuss message themes for the current year take place regularly between Trisha and myself.  Suitable drama is found, approved and off we go with ‘casting’, rehearsal and presentation.  We haven’t been able to perform a  scripted play since the group formed because of timing issues but hopefully it will be a possibility in the future.

I have a wonderful, reliable group of people who will ‘play a part’ and willingly serve the Lord in a ‘dramatic’ way and I hope and pray more opportunities will arise. Having had the opportunity to teach Drama to a variety of age groups in the past it is exciting to use my experience for the Lord at PBC.

Blessings, Liz Ward